Central Line Safety

Dr. Bowdle has a long-standing interest in central venous catheter safety and wrote a seminal review on the prevention and treatment of central venous catheter vascular complications. Given his interest in central line safety, a Seattle-based start-up, Mirador Biomedical (subsequently acquired by Centurion Medical Products) approached him to evaluate a novel compact pressure transducer called Compass in 2011. After a successful evaluation of the Compass transducer, we have added Compass transducer to central venous catheter kits at our institution. In addition to requiring pressure monitoring, we also evaluated the feasibility of imaging guidewire in the innominate vein using ultrasound which is now part of the guidewire verification process at our institution.

Video showing the first clinical use of Compass at the University of Washington Medical Center.           

Instructional video on Compass use.

Clinician interviews on Compass use. 

Our current method of central venous catheter insertion, which includes the use of ultrasound to identify internal jugular vein, Compass transducer to measure pressure and imaging of guidewire in the innominate vein. 


Anesth Analg. 2016 Oct;123(4):896-900.

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